Global Fat Bike Day(s) with BORCA

What a fantastic weekend had by all for our inaugural Global FatBike Day with BORCA. Riders from Ottawa, the OMBA crew, and surrounding area, Almont, Pembroke and Petawawa too, showed up to ride along the BORCA trails, along the Ottawa River corridor for a couple hours and then warm up at the Whitewater Brewery, conveniently located at the trailhead. 
Some decided to stay the night and take part in the Beachburg Xmas parade, riding their fatbikes alongside the BORCA float, as hundreds of candycanes where catapulted towards the spectators that stretched along Main Street Beachburg. 
A few riders braved the cold and camped out by the river, under the full moon, listening to the roar of the Rapids as they fell asleep. Breakfast at the brewery (a one-time 'special' arrangement, thanks Guys!) was a delicious plate of bacon, eggs, sausages, peppered mushrooms, toast and many, many cups of tasty Madawaska Coffee served in a French press. With those calories into us, and a couple more riders coming in from around, the fatbike posse embarked on a 30km cruise under a sun-filled sky and perfect temps. 
At 2:30 pm we all met back at the brewery, some stayed for lunch whereas others had to begin the journey home. 
All in all, a fantastic weekend. 
On behalf of BORCA, Many Thanks to all who came out to ride! 

See you on Global Fatbike Day 2015!