Merry Christmas from BORCA
We recently took part in the Beachburg Christmas Parade. Hope you enjoyed this fabulous community event.
The Beachburg Off Road Cycling Association (BORCA) creates non-motorized, multi-use trails within the Whitewater Township. Our vision is two-fold. Firstly, to encourage locals and visitors to spend time outside enjoying the world-class natural resources right at our doorstep, all the while living a healthy lifestyle.  The second part to our vision is to develop a trail system that will draw visitors the Whitewater Township thus encouraging development on a social, environmental and economic level.

We are comprised of 6 board members, all local. As a registered Not For Profit association, we organize a few events each year, our biggest event being the Beachburg Spring Chicken mountain bike and trail run race which is the second weekend in May, 2013. This event alone brings in up to 200 competitors, from various parts of the province and beyond.

Thanks to local land owners and 1000's of volunteer hours BORCA is capable of managing a trail system that stretches from the Village of Beachburg all the way to the Rapids along the Ottawa River.

Come the 2013 trail season (usually April) you can join BORCA as an official member. Being a registered member with BORCA means that you will help support the trails you use and ensure that we can maintain our insurance costs for both the trail user and our association.

Visit our FACEBOOK  page and LIKE US!!! Trail maps are coming soon!

Happy Trails :)