August updates

Trails are in fine form. Signage is still being put up and a map is close to completion. We will be installing a trailhead sign and a map at the Whitewater brewery, as we see the majority of people parking there to access the trails. 
Our recommended loop, from the brewery, is to take a right onto Grant Settlement road and head up the gentle hill to 2180. Take the gravel road at 2180 to the first trail, Dirk-Dirka, on the left. Travelling this way will have you loop back to the brewery. 
Heading left onto Grant Settlement from the brewery and riding 1km will take you to Chuck- a-Moon trail, which leads to Moon Lake and the coliseum Rapid. This trail finishes at the end of the gravel access road so exiting is either back on the trail or up the dirt road. 
For more single track, head 3.5km from the brewery straight up Fletcher road (gravel). At the stop sign take a right and then an immediate left into the County Forest parking lot. Borca just received permission to sign these trails so we will attacking this project very shortly. 

-remember that our trails are on private land, so respect signage 
-keep it clean, pack out what you packed in
-do not swim in the moving water/rapids, ever! 

Enjoy the beautiful weather and stay tuned for an upcoming volunteer trail day in mid September.