Summer 2012

An early spring made for some early season trail preparation and clearing. Thanks to dry weather and low winds, there wasn't too much dead fall to remove.  The scorching mid-summer weather we experienced allowed BORCA to be productive in building more singletrack and upgrading some of the existing features.
Just over 5 more kms have been added over the summer months and about the same amount has been re-openened from what was built many years ago. 
July was such a hot month that BORCA decided to hold a river-oriented event called "THE HARDWATER CHALLENGE". This event was to raise funds for a kayaker access trail that BORCA helped to build in order to help cover some of the costs to maintain the trail and the parking area.  The Hardwater saw 20 competitors trail run and swim along the rapids of the Ottawa River, from the Lorne Rapid to the paddle take out.
The Whitewater Corridor trails, located at the Lorne Rapid on the Ottawa saw some signage go up with names like; "Upper" and "Lower Lorne", "Don't Tell Joe" and closer to Wilderness Tours, "Power Hour".  Look for the signs, the names are rotored into old barn board, painted blue. More trail was added to the singletrack in the Little Lakes tract, just off of Pappin Road and another 500m was added to Vereyken Valley trail.
In mid August the Stewardship Rangers volunteered a day to help smooth out some of the Upper Lorne Trail by removing some of the more precarious rocks and armoring some of the dips, roots and hollows that have been created from trail use.  We thank all 6 of them for their hardwork.

Coming this fall, expect to see an official website, as well as some more trails to pop up closer to the Village of Beachburg.

Happy Trails :)