Fall updates

Fall is upon us and the BORCA trails are in fine form.
There will be some leaf blowing happening in the next few days and don't forget about our "trail day" on Saturday, October 18th, from 12pm to 4pm. We'll meet at the Whitewater Brewery and divide into a few groups geared around some different tasks, such as more leaf blowing, brushing and sign post installation. If you have a leaf blower, bring it and we'll provide the fuel. Same goes for any other trail tools you might have handy.
A reminder that hunting season is in full swing with the rifle season starting at the beginning of November. If you're out there, on the trails, please make noise and wear bright colors. FYI, hunting IS permitted in the Beachburg County trails.
Many Thanks go out to those 'trail fairies' who are constantly pruning the trails and such on their own time. The volunteer help of this kind is greatly appreciated and allows BORCA to focus on trail creation rather than maintenance = more trails for all!
If you spot a major trail issue, please facebook message BORCA or email us at borcabeachburg@gmail.com and we'll get out there asap to fix it.

Who has a FATBIKE ready for some winter riding??!!

Happy Trails :)

-BORCA Team.

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