Trails are in fine form. A little wet in spots after the last few days of thunder showers but overall they are ripping fast right now.
Check out our 'map' section on the blog for newly added trails as we have a new section opening in the next few days within the Coliseum Road area.
BORCA received its official signage and will be installing new trail markers and trailhead signs all throughout the area. Also on the near horizon is our trail map.....

Memberships: Should you wish to support BORCA and all its initiatives for trail development, please return an email to and we can process the annual trail membership for $25. Memberships provide direct insurance to the trail user and developers, up to date BORCA information and an overall "Good Feeling" of supporting your local trails.

Mark your calendars - July 23rd - The 2nd Hardwater Challenge is upon us.

Happy Trails :)

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