Summer 2011

June, July and August saw quite a few more kilometers of singletrack being built in the Beachburg area. Four kms along the shores of the Ottawa River and four in the Village of Beachburg, including the County Forest Trails. See link to maps on the right.

Thanks Giving weekend saw a scouting trip to the islands across the rapids of the Ottawa River, to explore the trails and roads that this area has to offer. Only accessible by boat, these islands are packed with great views, history and culture.
Happy Trails :)


  1. Do you have anymore information on these trails? I'd love to see them.


  2. Hi,

    Wasn't sure where to post this but I'm wondering if you guys have set a date for the Spring Chicken Enduro next year? I missed it last year because I was running in Toronto and want to make sure I run it this year.