Association Accomplishments


1. Construction and reopening of 8km of singletrack
2. Ontario Community Futures and Development Grant for signage - $3300
3. Participation in the 2012 Beachburg Christmas Parade
4. Largest Spring Chicken attendance to date, at 147 competitors
5. Continued support from current land owners with strong, positive relationships
6. Helped create the Paddler's Put-In trail for easier access to the Ottawa River for recreational paddlers
7. Ongoing management and expansion of the Beachburg Pump Track at the Fairgrounds

1. Construction of 8 km of new single track
2. 2nd Spring Chicken Enduro with over 145 racers
3. Secured over 3500 acres of private land-use partnerships with local land owners and local companies.
4. Successful BakeOff competition fundraiser in partnership with Kait Graham from the Beachburg "Burn" Bootcamp.
5. Purchase of trail tools; mcleods, pulaskies, trimmers and leaf blowers.
6. Become a not for profit association
7. Hundreds of hours of volunteer trail work
8. Dozens of hours of event volunteer hours with over 50 volunteers.

Thought it would be worthwhile to post what we accomplished last year, as an unofficial cycling club.
1. A total of 45 hours of trail maintenance work, in and around the Beachburg County Trails.
2. Organized the 1st Beachburg Mtn bike enduro and fun run. We had hoped to get about 50 people and ended up with 99 competitors....2011 race should be a big one!
3. Dismantled some dangerous stunts in the county trails (1 day of work)
4. Reclaimed some old singletrack that disappeared due to the September 2010 logging project (my bad for not marking it). (4 days)
5. Started to organize Beachburg Off Road Cycling Association (B.O.R.C.A.) for the 2011 season.
6. Let's not forget the creation of the Beachburg Mtn. Bike Pump Track located in the Fair Grounds....a great success and starting point for mtn bike advocacy in the area.

2011 should be a fantastic year, with hopes of getting some funding for a community trail system (summer and winter).

Thanks for reading,